Look another page.

who'd of thunk it?

This is just a place to rant and see if I can get something to work today.

this page is like scratch paper. or perhaps just a place to doodle. an exercise in filling the page with text so that i can use it for the next lesson.

lesson, you ask.

yes, a lesson in how not to create a page that anyone would want to see.

but i am bound and determined to get something up today.


and i did but so far that's about all. my first attempt at email addy didn't work but we shall see if i've figured it out now. well that worked, now if i can just get this page to update.

well as a blog this is a dismal failure unless one counts (very) random postings. 

it is august 6th 2005 and there are now three pages i made and a bunch Adobe did. can you tell which are whose? and speaking of that if i continue changing fonts for each update ..... well there's really little chance of running out of fonts. the next thing to do is create two additional pages, one to post photoshop entries on and one just for odd stuff. maybe three pages the third for posting misc. quotes, tips and other text stuff.

update: august 14th 2005. added "visual jokes" and changed the version number. have decided not to add either a counter or guestbook for now.  have also figured out how to upload images  that can later be hotlink. those don't necessarily need their own page so they won't be getting one. if there is any demand will add the page(s) for text jokes and maybe a page for political humor but for the few viewers that would see them it won't happen soon.

time to learn to photoshop.

update: september 28th 2005. it's the middle of the afternoon on a wednesday and here i am updating and not at work. why? you ask. simple, Katrina came through on august 29th and took my job away. mine and the roughly 60 people i worked with plus tens of thousands of others. unlike many my house has only minor damage and i am able to live here. complete with all utilities. again unlike so many others. i should, and do, feel lucky but it's tempered with a sadness for what might have been. while this "vacation" will allow me to do a lot of the projects that have been put off the task(s) of cleaning up and finding new employment dampen my spirits. that there is no money coming in doesn't help. 

whine, whine, piss and moan. if i'd get off my ass and get some constructive stuff done that might cheer me up. as it is things either don't get started or like someone with ADD .......... oh look, a shinny penny. two and a half weeks back home and a weeks worth of actual work done. this week was supposed to be better but now i'm killing time waiting on the insurance adjuster to show. he was due monday, or so he said.

enough. will save this, create the Katrina photo page and upload. one small step for me, no gain for mankind.